From The Kitchen: Unique and Personalized Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

With wedding season 2 weekends away, our countdown begins! It starts the same as it does every year, just like Christmas morning, eagerly anticipating the backaches that come as we slave away and give into our need to perfect every. single. detail. If this sounds like the beginning rants to a crazed cake lady, it’s not. I think I speak for many who are blessed to do this day in and day out, that I thoroughly enjoy obsessing over the smallest details that personalizes and brings each cake that I work on to life. That leads me into the subject of cake toppers, our latest obsession!

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Introducing Guest Blogger Jennifer Campione-Fortino

This week, we’d like to introduce our first guest blogger, Jennifer Campione-Fortino. Jennifer is a past I Do! bride whose wedding has come and gone. When we first met Jennifer and Ezio, Tuan and I noticed how laid back and easygoing they were. They seemed to handle everything in strides and made it so easy for us to do our thing! Jennifer is truly a classic beauty inside and out and we’re so glad she’s giving us a little insight to how the big day unfolded.

Take it away Jennifer!

It is often thought that planning a wedding is a stressful time for any couple; but truthfully, my husband and I had a blast! We made our journey to the aisle official with a few vintage themed engagement photos (thanks to our good friend, Robert Mauriell), which became the inspiration for our entire wedding. From the invitations to the entertainment, and even to my Ines Di Santo custom-made dress, we recreated an era that we never even belonged to.

Our ‘vintage Hollywood cinema’ themed wedding began as our guests entered the hall on a red carpet that led up to a lady on stilts, who served each of them our specialty cocktail of the evening. Our hall was decorated with white flowers, linens that sparkled, black feathers, and pearls in order to create a true vintage and somewhat Gatsby-like atmosphere.

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Welcome to the I Do! Wedding Cake’s Blog

With the launch of our new website and 2014’s wedding season underway, I wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves, Tuan and I, to our new and returning users! The purpose of our blog is to share with you our our ups and downs as we journey through the wedding season. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts and we hope to amuse, inform and entertain you.

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2014 Wedding Colour Trends

I love color and I love 2014’s forecasted color palettes! Now that the holidays are done, we can get back to the business of cakes. It was only a few weeks ago that my screen was full of holiday DIY projects for the pinterest enthusiasts and thoughts of turkey and stuffing dancing in my head. But with the last drop of champagne consumed, bidding a fond adieu to 2013, I’m having visions of pretty pastels, bold and dramatic navy and of course glamorous gold. Here are hot hues for 2014

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Styrofoam vs. Real Cake: Are you really saving?

This is a question that I get asked at every consultation and what better way to explain then with a blog post!

Budget savvy couples are always looking for ways to save and the wedding cake is no exception. There are many options to cutting cost, unfortunately, styrofoam is not always one of them. To simplify things, we can break down the cost of a $525, 110 serving wedding cake into 2 parts:
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