With wedding season 2 weekends away, our countdown begins! It starts the same as it does every year, just like Christmas morning, eagerly anticipating the backaches that come as we slave away and give into our need to perfect every. single. detail. If this sounds like the beginning rants to a crazed cake lady, it’s not. I think I speak for many who are blessed to do this day in and day out, that I thoroughly enjoy obsessing over the smallest details that personalizes and brings each cake that I work on to life. That leads me into the subject of cake toppers, our latest obsession!

Custom Cake Toppers

We introduced custom sculpted cake toppers for the 2014 season, offering our couples an alternative to the generic ones that can be found online. Like little elves, we’ve been sculpting away, turning balls of gumpaste into mini versions of our brides and grooms. When it comes to personalizing each pair, that’s where the fun begins! I’m lucky to work with a couple of talented ladies that are just obsessed as I am and with their help, we’re just about all caught up. Due to the demand, we’ve begun to limit the amount of orders we are taking for remaining dates in 2014, but if you’re looking to include a mini you as the crowning glory give us a call!