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In Love, Looking Good! How To Have a Fashion-Friendly Wedding

Now, there’s one school of thought that says a wedding should all about the love between the couple who are getting married, but who really thinks that? We all know that a wedding day is about looking good, having a fun time, and making sure those all important wedding photos make everyone look like a million dollars. While you can’t control everything (i.e., the weather), you can take steps to ensure that you and everybody else look their absolute best on the big day. Here’s how you can have a wedding that’s as much about the fashion as it is the love (well, nearly).

Own Your Style

Hunting for a wedding dress is one of the biggest tasks the bride will have before the big day. If anything, there’s too much choice! So how do you filter out the noise, and find a dress that’s fashionable, but which is also in keeping with the sophistication of the day? That’ll come from owning your style; don’t disregard your keen fashion sense in place of more ‘appropriate’ dresses. Incorporate the style you love into your decision making, and you’ll be sure to come out with a stunning, fashion conscious dress.

Limit the Accessories

If you buy a killer dress, then you’ll have one-third of the important tasks that’ll make you fashionable on your big day. The other two will be your shoes and the ring. If all of these are perfect, you shouldn’t need anything extra: and in fact, wearing anything else might be a distraction. You won’t want to have your stunning Verragio wedding ring sharing centre stage with a necklace. Leave your other pieces (no matter how much you love them) in your accessories drawer, and let your high fashion pieces do all the talking.

Have an Input On the Groom

Now, we don’t want to say that men aren’t as fashion conscious as women, but…that’s usually the case. If you’re looking like the fashion icon you are on your big day, then you best make sure that your groom looks the part too. He will, after all, be standing next to you in all the photographs! While it’s asking too much to pick the suits for him and his best man, you should nudge him toward any tips on how to dress for a wedding day, and encourage him to splash the cash a bit more than he usually would.

Underline Your Dress Code

There’s only so much you can do when it comes to what your guests are wearing. If they don’t have a fashionable bone in their body, then they’re unlikely to turn up looking like a wedding guest from a glossy magazine. If you have a fashion theme you’re dying to have on your big day, include it in the wedding invitation – just make sure you do it in a fun way! For everything else, state the general dress code (black tie, casual) and hope they put the effort in.

Fashion isn’t the most important thing on your wedding day, but it’s still important, so leave nothing to chance!

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