According to a comparative study run by Statistica in 2017, the average engagement cost in Canada in 2017 is between 12,000 and 13,000 CAD dollars. The cost includes, of course, the purchase of the ring. But more and more couples are also seizing the opportunity to throw an unforgettable engagement party. With over 8 in 10 Canadians choosing a specific engagement date, it makes sense to celebrate the engagement.

The majority of Canadian couples reach out to the parents of their partners before popping the question. This is often the perfect excuse to plan an unforgettable engagement party, relying on your relatives and friends to help keep the surprise. However, almost half of Canadian couples decide jointly to get married, which means that popping the question is not as much a big thing for them. Yet, whether you are going to surprise your partner with an impromptu proposal party or whether you both agreed to tie the knot, there are many reasons why throwing an engagement party is a great decision.

Show off your beautiful ring

Everybody loves to find new and exciting ways of showing off their engagement rings. A quick search on Instagram can reveal some of the most creative and stylish engagement photo ideas. A jewelry selfie is an art that can be tricky to master. Besides, there are only so many photos you can share on social media before your friends start complaining. A fake casual pose, such as holding a cup of coffee with your ring on display, is one of the most popular choices, along with the couple’s photo with your darling. Yet, if you want to get more bragging rights about your beautiful engagement ring, a party offers a unique playground to show off your bling. Whether you are part of the event planning or you discover only on the day, engagement parties are all about the ring.

Have more cakes

Can there be such a thing as enough cakes? It’s hard to choose the right cake when there are so many options. You could sample a few different ones to make up your mind. But even then, you could still find yourself hesitating. Do I want a realistic hand-painted wedding cake or will a rustic one with fresh real flowers do the trick? There’s no reason why you should only pick one cake. When you throw an engagement party you can select a cake too. So, if you and your partner are between two minds, you can pick a different cake for each celebration. As the saying goes, have your cake and eat it, but at two different parties.

cake sitting on a cake stand surrounded by dessert

You want to elope

There is something strangely romantic about eloping. More couples are choosing to forgo the wedding party to elope away from everyday stress. Eloping is about creating a unique experience that is all about you and your partner. When you organize a wedding party, there’s a lot of time and effort that go toward keeping your guests happy and entertained. When you wish a selfish day of love for you and your darling, eloping creates a just-us moment that you can’t get anywhere else. It sometimes feels more authentic to your couple to spend a day together rather than conforming to traditions that may be meaningless to you. So, your engagement party can ensure that you get to celebrate a big day with your friends and relatives.

To practice for the big day

If you are planning a big wedding party, you will be organizing and contemplating ideas for a long time. Big wedding ceremonies can take up to 18 months to plan, and some things still get wrong on the big day. To alleviate some of the stress, we recommend using your engagement party as a practice ground. You can get to grips with guest management, catering orders, and even keeping each other’s relatives happy. Ultimately, it can work wonders to alleviate some of the stress of wedding preps. A lot of brides and grooms share their nightmare experience about wedding party stress because they find no life rehearsal that can expose you to the same challenges. But that’s precisely what an engagement party is about!

Your families live far away

As Canada’s population is becoming more diverse, the number of mixed unions is increasing. A mixed union refers to couples that don’t share the same birthplace, mother tongue, ethnic origin, or religion. If your darling’s family lives abroad or in a remote place in Canada, for instance, it can be tricky to settle on a convenient location for your wedding. When both families live far away from each other, it can be helpful to plan a party at each location. You could throw your engagement party in a venue that is local to the parents’ of one partner, and the wedding can take place in a venue local to the parents of the other.

It gives you more time to plan

It’s not uncommon to postpone your wedding plans because there’s so much to prepare and organize. The covid pandemic, especially, has forced many couples to pause their wedding plans until it is safe to get together again. In most countries, large groups are prohibited to get together. But, you can use your engagement party as an opportunity to celebrate your relationship in a small community. It gives you a chance to bring your couple to the next level during the pandemic, so to speak, without having to give up on your wedding plans.

Why not?

Is there any reason why people shouldn’t throw an engagement party? We believe that celebrating your togetherness and your relationship is all the excuse you need to plan an engagement party. After all, who says you can only party once? It makes no sense to pamper, dress up, and cheer only once. It’s a fun thing to do. Engagement parties tend to be more cost-effective than wedding days, so you can organize a breathtaking event on a budget. Besides, as there’s less to plan, you are more likely to get it arranged quickly and smoothly. So, when neither cost nor time is an issue, what’s stopping you from getting together to celebrate?

Engagement parties are gaining in popularity all around the world. They are not only convenient for couples who need to make tough decisions for their big day, but they also alleviate a lot of planning anxiety. Besides, an occasion to celebrate love should never be missed!