There are a lot of big decisions to make for any wedding. You will find yourself concerned with picking the perfect dress, venue, menu, cake, and music for your wedding for the first few months of planning, but as you get closer to the big day, you will realize how many little decisions need to be made as well. In the big scheme of your wedding, those little details will make a big difference in how well the wedding day turns out for you and your guests. Unfortunately, little details are easy to forget. You never want to be the bride who’s panicking on her wedding day because she forgot to pack the right lip gloss. Instead, you can prepare for all these little things to create a beautiful and stress-free wedding day. Here are some of the wedding reception details that brides commonly forget and that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Cake cutting

Everyone remembers to find that perfect cake, but many people forget to arrange a way to have that cake cut. There are a few different ways you can avoid this mishap and not have to resort to pulling all your family into the kitchen to cut cake. Most cake vendors will offer cake cutting services after they deliver the cake, which is the easiest way to make sure your cake is cut well and served properly. Another idea is to serve cupcakes or another dessert item that does not need to be cut to save time.

Groomsmen gifts

Because brides typically still do most of the wedding planning and arrangements, it is typical for confusion to happen in regards to buying cool groomsmen gifts. The bride assumes the groom will take care of it, and the groom assumes the bride will take care of it. To avoid this situation, talk with your groom and make sure he remembers to buy something for his groomsmen before the big day approaches.

A grand entrance

The best part about the reception is the grand entrance that the couple and wedding party make. You want this moment to be special, so have special events and decorations planned for the occasion. This can range from a line of balloons for you to follow in the reception space to funny costumes that you and your wedding party will wear on the way in. Do something that is fun and special to you and your spouse.

An emergency kit

This is an idea that just keeps growing in popularity as more brides experience wedding day disasters. This is a kit that your bridesmaids will have on hand in case anything goes wrong. This kit can include things ranging from breath mints to band aids. Anything that you think you might need on your wedding day to solve a disaster. Find a sample list here.

Final payments

Most couples will pay for big wedding items in installments, with a final payment due before the wedding day. With so many things going on around you, it is easy to forget to make those last few payments. Set reminders for yourself in your calendar so that you remember to make the final payments.

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