It’s best to keep it simple when getting ready for your wedding day. Don’t make getting ready anymore complicated than you would on a Manic Monday for work. There are 3 main areas you can focus on when thinking about what you need to manage to look the best you can next to your bride – body, hair and face.


In the months leading up to the wedding, start to get fit, but don’t make it hard on yourself. Make your workouts fun by playing a sport you love, joining a group class at your gym, or heading outside for a hike or run. Plus, hold yourself accountable by working out with your fiancé or a friend. If you can’t get on the same schedule as someone, there’s tons of apps out there to support your workout regime.


Choose a cut and style a few months before the wedding, you don’t want to try anything new too close to the big day, to avoid a hair disaster. During this time feel free to try a new style you’ve been eyeing or let your hair grow out. If you want to stick to what you already have, take this time to practice styling your hair. You can ask your barber for tips on how and what products they use to achieve your look. It’s important to use products you’ve used in the past or products that do not have irritating ingredients. Then, you can practice your look and come your big day, you can complete your hair in minutes.


Taking time to shave and moisturize your face will ensure you look your best when you’re up close with your spouse and the photographer. You can start hydrating your face with a moisturizing shave cream. Then, shaving your face with a new razor blade will help you achieve a clean, close shave. After ensuring your facial hair is exactly how you want it, wash and moisturize your face with hydrating products for lasting comfort and a soft feel.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to get ready for your wedding. Plus, your bride is probably overwhelmed with things to do herself, if you keep your routine quick and simple, you’ll be able to help her accomplish last minute tasks.

Wedding Day Grooming Guide for the Groom