Weddings are very choreographed affairs. For that reason, they’re important, even without the emotional aspect that someone might consider. When events are as important as this, you can be sure that sometimes, things go wrong. This is why it’s important to expect the unexpected. It’s not that you should feel scared or nervous on your wedding day – far from it. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that you stay prepared, active and able for your entire situation to be taken care of.


It pays to invite friends who can help you organize. This means choosing to enlist help. It might be that your sister is someone who keeps the hired services in line, or your brother who ensures that only invited guests are allowed into the hall. With a few people looking out for you, you’ll always look good. This might be helping you brush cake from your nose after tripping and headbutting the icing. It might be helping you carry your bridal train, or simply helping the children relax and stay relatively quiet during the vow ceremony. With a little help from your friends, aware of their roles and how they should proceed, 95% of any unwanted situation can be avoided.

Solid Services

The services you enlist will not only contribute to the entire day, but allow you to view the day well years after. It might be that you hire the best photographer you can, to ensure they keep up with the massive amount of guests you have invited. It might be that the catering has a proven record, instead of hiring your friend and her company that currently enjoys no testimonials. Knowing that those you hire to make your day wonderful are taken care of and reliable will help you keep peace of mind, and only allow you to focus on yourself, your partner and your immediate family.


Your invitee list is important to consider. Absolutely no one enjoys the feeling of having a scene made, and sometimes family events can generate these. Ensure that your event security is at least taken care of, even in a primitive sense. Only invite those who are sure not to generate any form of conflict. Also, only give those you trust with an extensive list of guests they can bring. Sometimes, you might even choose to enact more terms for the social situation of your wedding. For example, it might be that you do not desire for children to attend in any way. This might sound harsh, but sometimes the wedding is too important to you in order for accommodations to be made in that sense. Remember, this is your day, and you’re more than in your right to be as selfish as you want, so long as you respect the family hoping to celebrate with you.

With these tips, you can be sure to prepare for unexpected wedding situations well, and with a sense of diligent readiness.