With a new year comes new changes. This year’s shake up at I Do! Wedding Cakes has been dedicated to customer experience. As we inch closer to the start to 2015’s wedding season, we are trying to navigate our way through consultation season with our wits still in tact.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we have been blessed with really NICE couples who make my job easy. So easy that I look forward to opening the doors on the weekends.

You’re engaged and need a cake

The date has been set, the gown purchased (sorry Grooms, but I think the tuxedo is last to do on the list) and now you need a cake and cake is what we do. I’ve always believed that the experience starts from the very first conversation, whether it’s through email, phone or in person. Because our website has pricing readily available, the conversation usually starts with:

“I would like to book a consultation to come in this weekend”

I then dreadfully have to respond:

“Thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately our first availability for an appointment is 6 weeks from now.”

Believe me when I say that I cringe. I believe the success of I Do! Wedding Cakes has rested largely on my ability to offer an experience as if I was the bride looking for a wedding cake. What are my expectations? How would I like to be treated? I would not appreciate a 6 week wait to order a wedding cake, that much I can tell you!

Introducing the Open House

And so, I came up with the Open House concept. A stress free, no obligation way to shop for a wedding cake. We have staff ready to provide pricing, design information as well as samples of select flavors. Meanwhile, I will be sitting down with couples whose weddings are coming up, to go over design concepts and offer a full tasting of our 15 flavors. Now there’s no wait and no appointment and you can come as you please.

I appreciate that this format may be overwhelming to those looking for a one on one experience, however, I stress that our service hasn’t changed at all, only our process. A little bit of a wait, but a whole lot of love!

The only other option was cloning, which is about 12 years away, my daughter is only 6 and she’s a work in progress ;)