In all honesty, we didn’t realize that finding a wedding cake would be so difficult. With all the shows we had attended, all the cakes sampled and speaking with the owners and designers, we had no doubt that you were a sure winner. Here’s why… you were up for the challenge and evident by your portfolio, you were obviously qualified. Although Helen and I are quite easy going, we did come in with expectations as any soon-to-be-married couple would. When we approached you with photos of The New Museum in NYC, you not only accepted without hesitation, but you also accepted with great enthusiasm. It was that character that gave us the comfort of knowing our architectural cake was in good hands. However, that wasn’t the only thing that put your services to the top. There is no doubt that your cakes taste amazing. I will never forget sampling your flavours and realizing the difficulty of selecting one for each of the two cakes you were going to make for us; all the flavours tasted too good to pick one distinct favourite. In the end, the cake was so fantastic that our guests were not only amazed by your technical expertise, but they didn’t even leave any cake for us.

Having this experience with you was extraordinary. There isn’t anyone else I would feel as comfortable with when referring family and friends.