There can be dozens of reasons why you might want or need to reinstall Windows 10 on your PC. You could be dealing with an annoying virus that doesn’t seem to go away or your computer might not work as well as it used to. Even though reinstalling Windows 10 on your computer might seem a bit drastic to some users, it can solve a wide variety of issues and help your PC get a clean slate. You can choose between multiple reinstall solutions. For example, you can use Windows’ resetting feature or reinstall your operating system version from an external storage device or disk image file. Whatever the reason it might be, on Windows 10, there are at least two ways to erase and start from scratch with a fresh copy of the operating system.

You’ll need to remove the device from Windows 11 first and then attempt to pair it with your PC again. Bluetooth is great for wirelessly connecting peripherals such as mice, keyboards, controllers, headsets, and more to your Windows 11. Here’s how to turn it on and make your first connection.

Window snapping – AquaSnap allows you to save your screen space by aligning screens and making them act like magnets. Select the program and drag it to a corner. This will shrink the window and allow you to add a third one. You can choose which program you’d like to open. Drag one of the windows you want to view to the left or right side of the screen.

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While creation is completed, you will get a bootable USB which can be used to install, reinstall or repair Windows 10 PC, laptop or tablet. After downloading Windows 10 system file, it will continue to create Windows 10 media with selected USB automatically with downloaded system file. Under Device option, select download AMD ATI Radeon HD 4870 drivers the writable USB drive you have inserted into computer. Usually it is checked automatically while there is only one removal device on this computer. Once the Terminal prompt shows up again after a command, the instruction completed the requested task and is ready for the next command.

  • Some keyboards also have the PrtScr key below the keyboard.
  • Perhaps the most exciting addition to the app is its Delay feature, which lets you snap screenshots of pop-up menus and tooltips.
  • Any activity you record is automatically saved as an MP4 video file.
  • Once it finds the Windows 10 .iso file, your PC will install Windows 10.

You can share your screenshot via a link or save it to your desktop. Sometimes you want to save a full-length shot of a skillfully crafted website for your portfolio. Or a detailed snapshot of a folder or an app on your computer. And sometimes it’s just a jarring bug you need to catch. In all of these cases, you can take a professional-looking screenshot on the fly. No unwanted blurriness or pixelated edges.

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See Remove Malware for instructions on getting rid of a malware infection. Open a terminal and run the command “sudo apt install –reinstall google-chrome-stable.” I have reinstalled before and all of my bookmarks were still there.

How To Install Windows 10 On A Mac, Imac Or Macbook

Once you’ve activated the Windows Bluetooth support services there is one more option you can select to make sure you don’t run into the problem again. While still in the Bluetooth Support service look forStartup typeand switch it toAutomatic. After you’ve done this open theLog ontab, then theLocal System account, and hitOK. After you’ve done this restart your PC and retry connecting to the Bluetooth devices that have been causing you problems. Each time I entered my password to unlock my laptop, the connection between my iPhone and PC dropped. The laptop kept reporting that the two were paired, but my iPhone showed them unconnected.

Installing from a USB drive is easiest, but you can find details on using a DVD and ISO file here. You’ll then choose your USB drive from a list of drives, and the tool will download the necessary files and put them on the USB drive. Check if you have a new audio driver installed or reinstall Realtek Audio driver through the same process as above. The best way to reinstall Widows 10 without losing files and data, your must use Reset this PC option in Windows 10. The reset this PC will reset your computer. It has many option for keeping personal files without losing when you refresh your Windows 10 system.